Bucket Garden Day

Jaz-el  Faalologo aged 5 and Magenta Heremia aged 8, delight in creating
a bucket garden at Korimako Centre, Invercargill on Sunday
as part of Invercargill Environment Centre's event organised in
response to the international campaign '350.org' concerns about increasing
carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere. 

At the inaugural events October 24, 2009, millions of people around the world
took action to spread the number 350, considered the safe level of CO2 in the
atmosphere measured in parts per million.

As part of the continuing awareness raising Sunday 10/10/10
was chosen as the follow up day for the grassroots campaign
that aims to mobilize a global climate movement united by
a common call to action.

Last year, Invercargill's action included building sandcastles
on Oreti Beach to show the effect climate change and rising sea
levels could have on coastal communities and islands.

Max Birch aged  5 from Invercargill,
with his bucket garden