The Gingerbread Horse Project

  Ella Wylie from Myross Bush, aged 11,
 making gingerbread horses for the good cause of
 Southland Riding for the Disabled (RDA). 

"Ella who is the  daughter of one of our volunteers, Stuart Wylie,  has been doing a project to raise funds for Southland Riding for the Disabled ( RDA)  making gingerbread horses," RDA president Dot Muir says." All our 85 riders who come along weekly, along with the volunteers and of course the horses, say thank you to Ella for her initiative."

" I thought it would be cool to start making the horses and I have been doing it for two years now," Ella says. " I sold them at school or to friends  for $1 last year and $2 this year."

They set up a routine this year with Ella’s mother helping with the mixture and baking on Saturday mornings and Ella decorating them in the afternoon. RDA provides special bags and stickers with information so buyers have their awareness raised about RDA .

Finished gingerbread horses

"Ella put a lot of time and effort in to her project and got a lot out of it herself, with it being a great fundraiser, " Ella’s father Stuart Wylie says." Last year she made over $200 and this year $216."

" Teachers and others who bought them said they were very nice and the best gingerbread horses they have ever tasted," Ella says. "The money raised was used for gear for the students who attend RDA and I hope I have inspired others to get creative next year."

"The Wylie family have also donated two fabulous horses to our program, "Muir says." Many people in our community help as volunteers and fundraising as Ella has done and we are thrilled with their support ".