Water Whisperers- Tangaroa

Co- producers ( left) Mike Coughlan and Kathleen Gallagher talk to Judith Robinson about their eco-documentary 'Water Whisperers Tangaroa', at the Invercargill premier on Sunday night 20 March). Ten stories involving about 60 people across New Zealand, tell about their response to seeing their local waterways being degraded. American Indians interact with maori, along with farmers, fishermen, scientists and people who enjoy water for recreation, who all work together to make a difference.
''We wanted to explore water and the plight of water starting at the mountains and moving through lakes, rivers, oceans and the deep sea,'' Ms Gallagher says. ''We found people who have turned this sad state of affairs around and we see them as prophets and visionaries.''

Filming took nine months, finishing just before the September earthquake in Christchurch, where the couple live.

The film has been shown in France and Barcelona at film festivals as well as around New Zealand, with positive responses from audiences both in Invercargill and Te Anau and a lot of discussion after the viewings.